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Jump Higher For Basketball

The purpose of this article is to help you to understand some of the key principles of how to jump higher for basketball . It's a common misconception that you must work out in order to increase your vertical leap. The truth of the matter is that you can increase your vertical leap just by playing basketball almost every day.

However working out and doing exercises to increase your jumping ability can help you get there faster. A lot faster. One of the biggest problems that most of us face (those that are getting older like me) is that as you get older you just don't have the time to play basketball all day.

That's why for must of us older folks with more responsibilities, it’s important and almost a necessity to workout, not only to jump higher, but also so that we can keep up with some of these younger kids on the court! With that being said, there's a few different ways that you can increase your vertical jump.

Ways to Increase Your Leaping Ability

One of the ways to improve your jumping height is by just lifting weights alone. If you are already familiar with the gym then you want to concentrate on all of the major factors of jump training. Now if you are just trying to keep up with some of these younger players then you may want to consider training mostly for endurance. Staying around 12 - 20 reps. But if you are trying to achieve real results then you have to lift a little heavier around 7 - 8 reps.

Exercises to Jump Higher

If you have some time then you also would want to include some jumping exercises as well. Some of the main exercises to increase your vertical leap would include Power skipping, Bounding, and strides. These are also known as beginner plyometrics by many. It's good to combined these types of workouts with weight training because the combination can help to gain fast twitch muscle fibers and explosive quickness which is what vertical jump training is all about.


Plyometrics is one of the best ways to improve your vertical leap. These are exercises such as dept jumps and box jumps. They work so effectively because by doing them you are able to shock your body into jumping higher. However this must be done correctly. Proper rest between sets and more importantly proper rest between days performing such a strenuous workout is not only important to prevent injury, but also for maximum results. You must get proper instructions and have a proper workout routine in order to receive great gains with this type of workout. Timing has to be precise in order for plyometric exercises to be effective.

In conclusion you should have learned the basics of training to jump higher for basketball from reading this article. Success is sometimes just having a boring plan and sticking to it. If you look at some of the best athletes to overcome adversity they all shared one common theme - that of consistency. The ability to keep on going when faced with adversity. That is not only the key to jumping higher – it is the key to excellence.

BTW, if your ready to get your basketball workouts on, I've list a few of the my favorite Vertical Jump Training Programs along with a few others that you may or may not be familiar with.

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