Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lower Body Strength

The purpose of this article is to help one understand how lower body strength can help to you jump higher faster. After reading this article one should be able to better understand how jump training works and also what exercises to use to help increase your vertical leap in the shortest amount of time possible.

When weight training to increase your jumping ability you must first know exactly where you stand, before getting started. If you have never lifted weight's before then you have to build up a nice core strength before attempting some of the more advanced methods.

When working out the lower body you must also consider type of work out you are doing as well as the amount that you are lifting in addition to the amount of reps you life. If for example you train to heavy then you will get stronger but you will not have any gains. The same can happen if you train too light.

What's best is after you've developed a good core strength is to find somewhere in the middle, between light and heavy to lift. Eight to ten reps is good about two to three times a week. You want to also be cautions about over training as well. Additionally 4 to 6 sets would be ideal.

On the days that you work out you should also incorporate one or two explosive jumping exercises as well, such as skipping, but kicks. These are explosive exercises and can help to combined the strength of weight lifting with the power of training the fast twitch muscle fibers when performing the explosive exercises. As you improve you can start to customize your own workouts.

For a list of lower body excersies click here .

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