Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Should you use one leg or two?

The purpose of this article is to help one know how to jump higher and whether or not jump training for one leg or two would be best. After reading this article one should be able to better understand the difference between one legged jumpers and two legged jumpers and also what types of workouts would be best for each.

Assessing Your Situation

You must first determine what type of jumper you are naturally in order to determine what type of training you should do. Training as the wrong type of jumper can still help you to increase your vertical leap, however you will not improve your results nearly as much as if you were to train according to the type of jumper you are.

What Kind of Jumper are you?

If you have been playing sports for a while then you probably already know what type of jumper you already are. However a simple test can also test what type of jumping method you use naturally. Set a target and try to reach your target with both one and two legged jumps. The type of jump that allows you to reach your mark or closest to it is the type of jumper you are.

One Legged Jump Training

One legged jump training is going to involve exercises that simulate the take off of a one legged jumper. Lunges, calve raises, but kicks, and Skipping exercises are great for one legged jumpers.

Two Legged Jumpers Training

Two legged jumping exercises are similar to one legged exercises in that you are also simulating the jumping activity. Great workouts for two leg jumpers involve body squats, calve raises, rim jumps and bounds.

One also as to keep in mind the type of sport they are increasing there vertical jumping ability for. If your sport is volleyball then generally two legged jump training is what you would want to concentrate on.

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