Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Upper Body Strength

The purpose of this article is to help one become more knowledgeable about strength and conditioning training for the upper body that can help one to jump higher faster. After reading this article one should be more knowledgeable about how increasing upper body strength can improve your leaping ability.

One of the most important factors of jump training is being able to have a total body workout as opposed to a one dimensionally one. Most people train the most obvious muscles in order to jump higher and that's fine because it works however, many people often overlook or forget about upper body workouts.

Jumping is not just a lower body motion. If you stop and think about it for a second one of the first things you do before you jump is take your arms back to swing for momentum. With this in mind, by training the muscles to swing faster and more efficiently can can add to your vertical leap.

By analyzing the type of movements that are involved with jump training one can realize that some of the muscles that make this possible are the traps, front and rear deltoids, abs and back. Concentrating on improving the quickness of these muscles when jumping is a sure way to increase your vertical leap even more.

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