Friday, June 12, 2009

How to Jump Higher Fast!

Jumping higher can be done in less time than you think. It will require a little work but imagine how your game would improve if you could increase your vertical leap within just a few short weeks!

I’ll tell you exactly how, but before what you first need to know is what you don't need to do in order to jump higher. What you don't need to do is train for is – Endurance.

Thousands of reps can increase your jumping ability a little. The problem with consistently training and jumping at the same level is that you will not get you to reach the highest vertical leap possible in most cases. You will only increase your stamina to jump at the same level more often! What you need to train for is fast twitch muscle fibers, these are the types of muscles that will help you explode to the basket.

The winning formula for jumping higher is:

Strength + Power = Explosion

This is not a secret. You need to train to explode which means challenging your self to jump higher and pushing yourself to the limit every time you train! You can't afford to waste your time and effort training the wrong way.

When you train specifically for these key elements you can jump higher, faster, and with less work! 2008

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