Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Workouts And Exercises to Jump Higher

Calve Raises - Standing on a step with your heels hanging over and the balls of your feet supporting all of your body weight, slowly lower your body by stretching the achilles heel and then contract the calve muscles lifting all of your body weight with your calves. This can be done with one foot at a time or two feet.

Leg Presses/Squats - From a standing position, lift the bar off of the squat rack to and bend your knees until you are in a seated position. Then using your lower body, lift the bar and stand up to your original position. The bar should be on your shoulder area near the back of your neck. Once you reach your original position that completes the rep. Leg presses are practically the same but in a seated position and you would be using a machine instead of free weights. Note: You can also do body squats without weight as well.

Dead Lifts - From a slightly bent position you will lean down and grab the weight bar. Next with with a slow motion you will lift the bar without pulling it above your waste. This targets your back and hamstrings.

Leg Extensions - In a seated position you would flex your quadriceps and extend them straight from a 90 degree angle. This is done with machines that provide weighted resistance.

Hamstring Curls - Laying on your stomach you would contract your hamstrings from a 180 degree angle to a 90 degree angle against a weight resistance machine.

Power Cleans - From a bent position you will get close to the bar. With your knees bent you will clean and jerk the bar to the chest area. Then with an upward thrust you will lift the bar over your head in an extended position. Note: you must learn from a trainer how to obtain proper form. This is also one of the best exercises for increasing your vertical leap.

Over The Shoulder Throws - This is a form of plyometrics. You can do this with one arm or two by throwing a medicine ball in an upward motion over your shoulder. Usually this is done with a medicine ball that has a special grip. Note: for two handed over the shoulder throws the grip is not necessarily needed.

Back Extensions - Laying on your stomach you will arch your back lifting your head and upper chest above the ground.

Crunches - Laying on your back with your your feet on the floor and your knees bent, lift your head and upper back off of the ground while contractign your abs, but not as high as a sit up.

Reverse Crunches - Laying on the ground with your legs in a straight position, bring your knees as close to your chest area as possible. This helps work on the lower abs.

Exaggerated Skipping - Skip as you normally would except on each hop you want to jump as high as possible.

But Kicks - In a standing position run in place and extend your kicking motion so that the heel of your shoe taps your buttocks.

High Knees - In a standing position you will run in place and raise your knees in an exaggerated movement so that your knees get as high as possible.

Stadiums - Run up and down stadium stairs. You can do a combination of skipping a step on one set and then every step on another. Advanced athletes can even try doing half a set or a whole set with one leg (going up only).

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