Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jump Higher Training

Training to jump higher is something that all athletes want. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to increase your vertical leap by helping you understand the basic fundamentals to strengthen your body’s main muscles it uses for jumping.


Your max strength is one of the most important factors to increasing your vertical. You can do this by a number of different ways but the most efficient is weight training. Contrary to popular belief weight training will not slow you down. It has been thought by many that lifting weights will make you slower. Although it can, it won’t if done correctly.


Conditioning your body to jump to its maximum potential more often is also a very important factor in jump training as well, not only to increase your vertical leap but also to increase your conditioning in games as well. However, you must be cautious of conditioning too much otherwise instead of training to increase your vertical, you will only be increasing the amount of times you can jump at your current max height, therefore not seeing any results. This can often frustrate many athletes as they over train but don’t see results. Its often, actually easier and faster to work out less and see better results.


Power is a combination of strength and quickness not to be confused with strength alone. This is the most important area of your training. The difference between strength and power is simple. In general training for power is gives one the ability to move your own body weight quickly, where as strength training alone will only give you the ability to lift more weight (although you will still see some gains if you did this alone).

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